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Brady's Idaho Beef is raised in a small mountain valley in the Southeastern corner of Idaho. The farm has seen four generations of Bradys produce everything from sugar beets & sheep to a small dairy operation to bedding plants, vegetables & now, grass-fed, Idaho beef. The climate, soils, and management unique to our farm produce a beef product that is absolutely awesome. We know you will enjoy it. In fact we guarantee it.

We ARE real farmers, producing real food, for real people, with real budgets, who want real quality food that tastes great and is full of nutrition. We eat the same food we sell to you and we feed it to our precious grandchildren as well.

Pick up your healthy, grass-fed beef at our ranch:

  • 3525 E Virginia Rd. Downey, Idaho 83234

  • Hours: Year around by appointment. Call 208.251.5206

  • April, May & June: 9 am - 6 pm daily (Closed Sunday)

Other delivery options available, visit to order or learn more!



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